Thursday, November 7, 2013

World Urbanism Day - World Town Planning Day - 8 November

“World Town Planning Day, also known as World Urbanism Day, was founded in 1949 by the late Professor Carlos Maria della Paolera.  at the Institut d’urbanisme in Paris

The idea was to promote good planning and highlight the role it plays in creating liveable urban communities and to draw attention to the social, environmental and economic impact from the development of cities and towns.

The United Nations estimates the world reached a total population of 1 billion in 1804. Some 123 years later in 1927, it was at 2 billion. Just 33 years later in 1960 it was 3 billion. It hit 4 billion 14 years later in 1974. By 1987 it had reached 5 billion. Then 6 billion in 1999. And now 7 billion.”

2013 Theme: Water and Planning