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August 21 - World Entrepreneurs’ Day

Appreciate entrepreneurs in all areas of life - Social Development, Knowledge Development, Political Development, Economic Development, Skill Development


Challenging and improving the status quo and solving problems effectively through new products, improved products, and redesigned products at less cost -  new processes,  improved processes, and processes redesigned for less cost (Management and Industrial Engineering)  either starting from customers' needs or abilities of technologies.

August 21 - World Entrepreneurs’ Day

Business schools can invite their alumni to encourage them to become entrepreneurs. Then can invite their alumni who are entrepreneurs to guide their friends regarding the rewards of entrepreneurship and can offer the way to entrepreneurship.

Activities that could be organized on 21st of August could cover conferences teaching constructive ways to challenge and improve the status quo, talks that help young generations to grow as effective problem solvers.

The purpose of the World Entrepreneurs’ Day is to create awareness for entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership throughout the world.

WED is the day of founders, managers, producers, contractors, industrialists, innovators, administrators, designers and producers.

Suggested Events and Activities for Institutions

Support World Entrepreneurs' Day by announcing it in your corporate website or magazine; logos and visual communication material are provided free of charge without any licensing fee requirements for this purpose - download the high-resolution World Entrepreneurs' Day Logo.

During WED enterprises are suggested to organize conferences, workshops and meetings regarding leadership, innovation, creativity, design, entrepreneurship and other related topics.

Managers, Entrepreneurs and Administrators are suggested to take their time and invite young leaders to teach them about entrepreneurship and innovation.

Business Schools are suggested to organize conferences to celebrate the World Entrepreneurs' Day by inviting entrepreneurs and  CEOs.

Companies can host and organize; lectures, workshops and seminars focused on business practices and principles; highlight the value of entrepreneurship, the role of innovation within society and provide know-how to younger generations and to public.

Municipal governments are suggested to officially declare 21 August as World Entrepreneurs' Days, this could be done by the city mayor through a proclamation.

Press members and media are suggested to provide coverage within their publications for articles, news and interviews regarding entrepreneurs and their success stories.

Businesses are suggested to provide discounts and promotions during the World Entrepreneur's Day.

Government entities, public authorities and universities are suggested to distribute communicative and instructive materials regarding entrepreneurship and its importance.

Radio and television networks are suggested to prepare programs to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship and provide talk-shows or documentaries to educate the population.

Businesses could organize open door days and tours during the World Entrepreneurs' Days, especially for younger audiences.

Participatory business and innovation activities, local talks, lectures, presentations, workshops and debates could be organized to create both awareness and as a cultural activity to promote entrepreneurship.

Organize local awards for businesses or leadership, both for established businesses and enterprises and for young entrepreneurs.

Create and publish a press release regarding the activities you would organize during the World Entreprenerus' Day.

Suggested Events and Activities for Individuals

Spread the word through your own ways; announce the World Entreprenerus' Day at social networking sites, your webpages, your newsletter, at your workplace etc.

Buy a present or throw a party for your boss on August 21 - World Entreprenerus' Day, and share your events to inspire others.

Use the World Entrepreneurs' Day logos during your events

Teach your kids about entrepreneurship on the World Entrepreneurs' Day at 21st of August.

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