Friday, June 17, 2016

Social Media Day - 30 June - Blogging Challenge

Let us write on Social Media Issues on the occasion of Social Media Day on 30 June

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Topics - Social Media Day Blogging Challenge

Social Media Landscape

  • Social media platforms
  • Successful social media platforms
  • Social media platform failures: Most important is Google's Knol
  • Startup social media platforms - Successful startups of 2011
  • Financial successes of social media platforms

Social Media Contributors

Millions of contributors and their unique content

     You might have seen in your only blog that some blog posts get thousands of page views.  That shows the main role of social media. Providing the ability to anybody in the world to share his experience, thought, opinion, feeling with the rest of the world especially when it is relevant for the rest of the world.

Contributors earning full monthly living income
Contributors who are semiprofessionals
Growth in contributors
Satisfaction of contributors
Frustrations of contributors

Social Media Consultants and Promoters

Social Media Marketing

  • Marketing research on social media
  • Advertising on social media
  • Selling - E-Commerce on social media
  • Customer service using social media
  • PR on social media
  • Engaging potential and current customers using social media

Social Media in Education

Social Media for Art

Social Media for Philanthrophy

Social Media for Business capital raising

Social media technologies

Global Community Building on Social Media

Want to look at articles on Social media 

Visit social media on social media

List of Blog Posts - Posted in the Social Media Day Blogging Challenge

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7. Making a Difference Through Social Media  - Narendra Modi
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9. Celebrate eLearning Social Media Day on 30 June
10. Is Social Media Overtaking Professional Media in Digital World?
11. The Friday Focus - 2012 Olympics: Social media friend or foe?

1. IQ at Social Media Day

1. How Should Higher Education Institutions Approach Social Media Platforms?

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    1. Thank you for indicating the word verification. I though about it five minutes before and once again forgot about it as I was doing some other important work.

      These blog writing events are for giving all of us an opportunity to express something of utility. Social media is useful and we are contributing on it. So let us express our ideas about it on the occasion of Social Media Day. Many mishaps keep around. Let us move forward.