Thursday, October 31, 2013

World Savings Day - 31 October

About the Day

October 31 was declared World Thrift Day at the end of the first International Thrift Congress in 1924 in Milan.

‘World Thrift Day’ should be a day devoted to the promotion of savings all over the World.

Savings banks  worked with the support of the schools, the clergy, as well as cultural, sports, professional, and women’s associations to promote savings on the savings day.

The celebration of the World Thrift Day took various forms:  posters, lectures, brochures, leaflets, press-articles, chorus singing, broadcasting, educational and propaganda films.
(Hymns of Thrift: )

Special Note


In Austria, the official mascot of saving, the called ‘Sparefroh’ (literally: ‘Happy Saver’) has  a higher degree of brand awareness  and even a street was named after him. In the 1970s the ‘Sparefroh-Journal’, an educational magazine for younger people, reached a circulation of 400,000 copies.


The World Thrift Day is being celebrated on 31st October of every year through out the world. In India it is being celebrated on 30th October every year. In Tamilnadu state, it was celebrated in each District with the participation of the District Collectors local MPs, MLAs etc. In Chennai, a State level function was held on 30th October with the participation of Hon’ble Minister for Finance, Govt. of Tamil Nadu , Post Master General, Director of Small Savings, Regional Director, National Savings Institute etc. The agents, PRSS Group Leaders, who mobilized highest collection under small savings were given awards by the Hon’ble Minister for Finance on that day

World Savings Day Speeches

2012 - Govennor - Bank of Italy

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